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Chicago Dental Implants

Getting dental implants in Chicago can restore a person’s smile and confidence. The procedure involves a metal post that is surgically implanted in the jaw. Over the course of a few months, the bone heals around the post, and the artificial tooth is securely attached. During this time, the patient is given care instructions.

There are several different types of implants available, depending on the patient’s needs. For example, if a patient is missing a single tooth, they may choose a single titanium dental implant that is affixed to the gum. A more advanced treatment would be a complete denture that is anchored by two or more implants. For patients who are missing multiple teeth, they might opt for an all-on-4 implant, which replaces all the teeth in the lower and upper jaw.

Another option is a dental bridge, which connects several crowns to two to three dental implants. This is a good alternative for patients who are missing multiple teeth, but does not provide the same level of stability as real teeth. The dentist will determine if the patient has enough bone to support the bridge. Visit for more information and free consultation.

Rather than resorting to a root canal, many patients elect to have dental implants. The pros of this type of procedure include the fact that it prevents bone from deteriorating as teeth are removed. Additionally, it can improve oral function and preserve facial structure. It can also give a person the freedom to eat whatever they want.

The most common form of dental implants in Chicago is a full set of implants, which are used to replace all the teeth in the mouth. A full set can consist of four dental implants for the top row of teeth, and two for the bottom row.

If you are considering getting an implant, contact the professionals at Chicago Lux Smile Dentist. They will give you a free consultation and help you determine whether or not an implant is the right solution for you. They have been performing this type of surgery for decades, and are well-versed in the latest techniques.

There are many advantages to a dental implant, including the fact that they are non-invasive. Because the titanium is biocompatible, your body will accept it as a natural part of your body. In addition, your gums and the surrounding tissues will not be affected. However, there are risks, such as the possibility of infection, so it is important to find a doctor who is experienced in this type of procedure.

The EON Clinics in Chicago are a good choice for a single-day implant procedure. They offer high-quality implants at an affordable price. They are a family-owned practice that combines the benefits of a large facility with the personal touch of a smaller, more intimate office. There are even financing options, such as zero interest for twelve months.

One of the most important things to know about dental implants is that they can last a lifetime. A healthy diet and regular cleanings can extend the life of an implant.

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