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An experienced Alexandria DUI defense attorney could help you avoid the most severe consequences of a drunk driving charge.

Whether you are facing your first DUI charge or have multiple charges on your record, it is important to consult with an attorney as soon as possible. A DUI attorney in Alexandria, Virginia can conduct in-depth research and build a strong defense for your case.

There are three different types of blood alcohol content tests available for DUI cases: the chemical test, field sobriety test (FST), and preliminary breath test (PBT). If you refuse to take any of these, your license will be suspended, which can be difficult to challenge. A lawyer can also work to fight the suspension if it is unfairly enforced, or to have an ignition interlock device installed.

A DUI conviction can have serious implications on your life, including a lengthy jail sentence and a suspension of your driver’s license. A good Alexandria DUI defense attorney can work with a prosecutor to try to obtain a plea bargain that minimizes the penalties you will face.

Every person is legally protected from unreasonable stops and searches, which is why a skilled Alexandria DUI defense attorney can argue that the police officer lacked reasonable suspicion to pull you over. If this is successful, the entire investigation could be thrown out of court and your DUI charge dropped.

Many people who have been arrested for a DWI in Alexandria mistakenly think that refusing the PBT offered at the scene is the same as refusing the test at the station. This is not the case, and it is crucial for your Alexandria DUI lawyer to make sure that you are given all the information about the differences between the two tests.

A good DUI lawyer in Alexandria will not only request the certificate of analysis from your arresting officer, but also send it to the Department of Forensic Science. This document shows your blood-alcohol concentration and the results of the PBT you took at the station, as well as the results from any other tests you may have taken in the days before you were arrested for DUI.

Your Alexandria DUI lawyer will review the entire evidence from your arrest and will build a strong defense for you in court. They will review the circumstances surrounding your arrest and analyze the strength of the officer’s observational evidence.

The officers who stop you for a DUI often use slurred speech as evidence that you were intoxicated at the time of your arrest. This can be problematic, as slurred speech is not always accurate in determining impairment. It can be difficult to fight this type of testimony in court, so it is vital for your Alexandria DUI lawyer to work with a good forensics expert.

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